A Deeper Dive into Waiakea Water

Have you ever heard of the company called Waiakea Water? This company is a producer of bottled water. You may be thinking that this is just another plain old company in the billion dollar industry. Waiakea Water is much different than any of their competition. Founder Ryan Emmons has created the most environmentally friendly bottled water company on the planet. Waiakea Water creates a very high quality product. Their water is very healthy and consumers simply love it. The big thing that draws consumers in is the fact that the water is completely unaltered. Those who are drinking water care greatly about the healthiness of it. Water is the considered the healthier option of a drink. When people choose water they do so because they want to live healthy. Some producers alter their water so much that they essentially ruin all of its benefits.

Waiakea Water is collected from a volcanic stream. Prior to being collected it passes through thousands of feet of this volcanic rock. The result is that the water has a natural pH of 8.8 and is enhanced with natural minerals. This pH is perfect for human consumption and the minerals add to the healthiness.

The water bottles created by Waiakea are also very interesting. Their bottle is created using 100% post recycled plastic materials. This company is the first to do that. They also have greatly limited the time that it takes for their bottles to degrade. Traditional water bottles takes somewhere around 1,500 years to naturally break down in the environment. Waiakea Water bottles only take around 15 years to break down. These bottles take 97% less time to degrade. Waiakea Water has greatly reduced the environmental harm attached to throwing away water bottles.

Not only does this company produce a high quality product but they also help people in other ways. Ryan Emmons made a promise to provide free water to families in need. For every liter that they sell, the company will donate a weeks supply to someone. This company is doing many great things. Both their products and their standards are very economical.