Agora Financial, The Market Analyst Every Individual Needs To Succeed.

Agora Financial, LLC is a world-class private publishing company, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. It is a subsidiary company of Agora network that was founded in 1984 by Bill Bonner, an essayist, and financial writer. The company gained full independence as an LLC in 2004.

The company is known for its provision of economic commentaries through the production of e-books, prints, documentary films, market analysis and forecasts, commentaries, email publications, international conferences, and marketing predictions.

Agora also has a retirement plan for people who want to achieve their dream retirement in only 42 days. This is achieved through detailed instructions on predictable market patterns, that are able to a great turn of events in one’s life

Their publication is both free and paid. Through its analysis and publications. Agora financial help individuals in securing their financial independence and leading the kind of life they deserve through successful investments.

Outside the United States

Agora Financial has gone international and currently, it has three other subsidiary businesses outside the United States namely; Agora Financial UK, Publications Agora France, and Agora Financial Australia. The France business is the oldest of the three and was started in 1997. It publishes letters and services majorly in areas of personal finance and heritage.

The UK business which is right in the city center of London was launched in 2000. it focuses on giving contrarian investment advice while analyzing financial markets from the British perspective. The company has over fifteen services and products available.

Agora Financial Australia is the youngest, with only a few months of existence since its launch in July 2017.

The Agora Financial editorial team.

Agora Financial is under the leadership of Addison Wiggin who serves as the Chief Executive Publisher and Producer. He is the name of the documentary film I.O.U.S.A and identified as the New York best-selling author. He leads a team of dedicated and resourceful editorial team, who have always managed to stay ahead in sourcing information and news way before the rest of the world knows. A good example is the case of Lehman Bros collapse and the reports about the American Airlines bankruptcy.

This has made them gain recognition by several media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, San Francisco Chronicle, RT, Reuters, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Fox Business News, Los Angeles Times, U.S. News & World Report, CNBC, and the Economist. it’s no doubt that the Agora Financial editorial team has been a challenge to traditional publishing houses, through the production of insightful, independent, and unbiased financial forecasts, daring even the areas where no one else wants to trend on.