Elysium Health Prioritizes Scientific Rigor to Nutritional Supplement Industry

Over the last few decades, the nutritional supplement industry has gained a somewhat tawdry reputation. To be sure, this bad rap has been at least partially deserved, with a wide-open industry with low barriers to entry not always attracting the most ethically pristine business people.

However, a new company, Elysium Health, seeks to step into the credibility void that has been created by years of unverifiable claims, shoddy research, and ineffective products in the supplement industry. Founded by an MIT professor and leading researcher Dr. Leonard Guarente, the company has filled its top slots with some of the most renowned names in research today. And the company has demonstrated that it is willing to apply tough standards to everything it does.

Everything is researched, tested and validated

As a new kind of supplement company, everything Elysium Health does is based in scientific research and understanding. From the earliest product studies to the ongoing follow up with actual users, the company takes research, development, testing, and validation seriously, maintaining credibility as a top priority.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has led to the two-year-old company only having thus far brought a single product to market. Whereas this could normally indicate shortcomings on the part of a supplement company, at Elysium Health, the long delay in new product rollouts is merely a reflection of just how seriously the company takes the development process; it is simply unwilling to allow any product that has not been 100% validated by its own verification processes to be put out on the market.

A new kind of supplement

But the company has nothing to worry about—its sole product is truly revolutionary. Basis, as the supplement is known, is made of two primary compounds that foment the synthesis of a critical molecule within the body. Known as NAD+, which stand for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, the substance is a crucial component of cellular respiration, one of the most fundamental life processes and the means by which cells use, store, and obtain energy.