Fabletics: Embracing User Reviews

The fashion industry is an ever-changing economy. Sometimes, consumers create a trend that savvy businesses can capitalize on. Some trends are so popular, they cross all industries. That’s what happening now with crowd-sourced reviews. Nearly 90 percent of consumers use customer reviews to determine final purchases.

This new trend allowed customer-focused companies like Fabletics to prosper. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics experienced over 200 percent growth worldwide. The activewear brand is now worth more than $250 million. Many of Fabletic’s executives credit their growth and success to user reviews. User reviews are today’s version of word-of-mouth promoting.

Fabletics is a celebrity-owned business with a celebrity that actually cares about her company. Fashion icon Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with a mission: created high-quality fashion at affordable prices. Thanks to Hudson’s passion, Fabletics found success in a market dominated by activewear powerhouses. Somehow, Fabletics did what no other up-and-coming activewear could.

While Fabletics did suffer from some early customer service issues, it corrected the problem and moved forward. Now, Fabletics is a social media favorite and has 1.2 million monthly members. Women seem to genuinely love the affordable prices. At Fabletics, they’re able to buy two or three items for the same amount they’d spend on one item at more expensive brands.

The magic behind Fabletics is Hudson’s dedication to creating products for all women. While activewear is nothing, there’s never been a company creating fashionable activewear for all types of women at affordable prices. Hudson wants to make every woman look and feel their best.

That’s been her dream since day one; a dream that’s been recently realized. Earlier this year, Fabletics announced they’ll begin selling products for plus-size women. This gives plus-size women a much better option than the $250 yoga pants sold by other brands.

Now that Fabletics is worldwide, there are a lot of people interested in the brand. To accommodate those interested, Fabletics created a free lifestyle quiz that shows potential members what outfits Fabletic’s experts would recommend for them. This feature is one of the many reasons people respond so well to the brand.

The other reason is Kate Hudson’s personality. She makes Fabletics, a multimillion-dollar brand, feel like a special club. She’s the passion behind every Fabletics event and activity designed to welcome new members into the family.

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