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Waiakea Water is a brand of volcanic water that was founded in the year 2012. The founder, Ryan Emmons was 22 years at the time. The company has seen a drastic growth in the few years which can be attributed to the health benefits of the water and the unique type of packaging.
Typically, bottled water is discouraged because of the waste plastic bottle which is hazardous to the environment. It takes the environment more than a thousand years to degrade the plastic container. However, Waiakea water has technology that is revolutionary. It is a non-degradable plastic.
The bottled has an additive known as Timeplast. TimePlast is a nano-additive that make the bottle have almost all the qualities of a plastic container but also weak enough to be degradable. According to the founder of the water company, their years of research were not focused on making the bottle degradable. Instead, it was focused on converting the polymer into a carbon-based wax.
The cost of making the degradable bottles is negligible. It, therefore, lowers the cost of production of the bottled water. The company is one of the leading water and beverages firms to be certified by CarbonNeutral. The bottle can also be recycled together with the typical PET bottles. Due to the additive, it makes the recycling process faster and more efficient.
The water is said to be rich in natural minerals. The volcanic water is good for the body especially the bones since it contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is also alkaline and electrolyte rich. These two are beneficial in the balance of the fluids in the body.

The bottling company was started in Hawaii but has expansive distribution networks in the United States. They also supply to many other countries who want healthy and ethical drinking. Waiakea is arguably the world’s greenest bottling company.
In conclusion, the company is also keen on giving back to the community. As such, the partner with Pump Aid to provide clean and safe drinking water for people in Africa. For every water bottle that they sell, they donate 650 Ml of water to the marginalized communities in Africa.
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Sleep apnea for a long time has been causing sleep deprivation to many individuals. Many specialists have been looking for perfect solutions to treat the disorder. Avi Weisfogel is one of the experts who dedicated much time and energy to come up with a long-lasting solution for sleep apnea. He had vast experience in the dentist industry but decided to help most of his clients who complained about the sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by breath pauses when one is asleep. Therefore Dr. Avi had to research and work hard to come up a cure for the disorder. He founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients in 2012 which was a platform that acted like a think tank where experts in sleep disorders shared their knowledge about sleep apnea. With this platform, he made sure he gathered knowledge and shared what he knew about the sleep disorder with other specialists.

With time, Dr. Weisfogel came up with methods and plans that effectively treated the sleep disorder. He launched Dental Sleep Master’s Program with the aim of developing sleep appliances. The sleep appliances were perfectly designed to provide oral therapy which prevented breathing pauses when one is asleep. All the sleep appliances offered problem specific treatment that opened upper airways ensuring breathing is smooth when one is sleeping.

To come up with a cure for sleeping apnea wasn’t easy for Dr. Weisfogel. But with his education and knowledge, he was able to do it. Avi is a graduate of Rutgers University where he achieved a degree in Biology and Physiology. He later attained doctor of dental surgery credential from New York University. Avi was always focused and worked hard throughout as he knew nothing good comes easy.

After his higher education and getting certification as a dentist, he started his dental practice. He branded it Old Bridge Dental Care with the aim of serving and providing dental solutions to patients. His dental care won best dentist awards two years in a row, and that shows how excellent his services were. Over time that was when he decided to look for a solution to solve sleep disorders affecting many of his clients. It wasn’t easy, but eventually, Weisfogel made it through innovation, research, and hard work.

Louis Chenevert: A Leader that All Leaders Should Emulate http://utahfoodfreedom.org/louis-chenevert-a-leader-that-all-leaders-should-emulate/ Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:13:41 +0000 http://utahfoodfreedom.org/?p=9 Louis Chenevert studied at the University of de Montreal, graduating with a Bachelors degree in production management. He is the current chairman of the Montreal Advisory Board. He was also the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), the position that he was assigned in April 2008. Before, he served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the director of United Technologies as from March 2006. Mr. Louis had also served as production General Manager at General Motors for 14 years before joining UTC.

He is the chairman of Tax and Fiscal policy committee. He is also chairs the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board. Louis is a member of the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable, and also a member of the Us-India CEO Forum.

Louis as an Example

As the leader of the company, Louis achieved great success, approximating to $100 billion. Just to mention how that was impressive, many of other corporate CEO’s have not yet realized what Louis has achieved in a single year in their entire profession.

Louis at UTC

Chenevert‘s leadership in UTC focused on investment in advanced technology as well as people. Since he assumed the role of the leadership of UTC, Louis main target was to make the organization a better place than he found it. He held the view that the achievement of UTC is determined by the investment in the right people and technology.

One of the exemplary qualities of Louis, when he was the CEO of the UTC, was his wise choosing of projects that could bring success to the organization. It acted as the guiding principal and later was inherited by Gregory Hayes, the current CEO. Chenevert used to allocate a large amount of the revenue to the right technological innovations.

UTC leads in the helicopters manufacturing in the US. Additionally, it has been able to assemble some of the best-advanced helicopter engines around the globe, all spearheaded by Louis. The corporation controls the market in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating.

According to Forbes reports, as from 1993 when he started working with Pratt and Whitney engine business, he was in the frontline for advocating for improvements that have seen the market share of the primary company, UTC grow.