Galore Magazine Interview Make Up Professional, Doe Deere

Get to know cosmetic professional, Doe Deere, in a candidate interview with Galore beauty magazine online. She gives away the key to success with a few some tips. She also talks the importance of taking care of the stray cat population in LA. As the editor say down to talk to Deere, it was hard to believe this beautiful young lady was the face behind the popular Lime Crime brand. She sits firmly petting her pet cat that is determined to stay nuzzled by her side. Her personal look was perfected with her signature cosmetic brand.


As a pet owner, and animal lover, Deere is determined to continue to have problems that are cruelty-free, and will never be tested on animals. She also has a new Purr line designated to the stray/homeless pet population. A portion of all proceeds from her new brand will go towards socializing, litter training, and permanently housing the stray Los Angeles pet population. Her self initiative has saved hundreds of local stray cats find a permanent home ( Her Purr line offers 5 buttery colors that also come in bundles, popular among makeup artist. Her cosmetics blend well with all skin types, and are completely waterproof.


Deere says, it is important to to take risk in business if you want to be successful. She was one of the first to experiment with the super-foil base that turned out to be a success among her wearers. Other big name cosmetic names were soon to follow, but we’re unable to compete with her intricate colors. Her rich line of eye-shadow, and lipstick products have sold millions of products. She continues to brand products that will empower her users, and make them feel good about their morning beauty care routine. Enjoy trendy colors like Beet It, and Radical Metallic.


Deere says, business expansion is also a successful part of business, and her expansion included her new Unicorn hair dye collection, and her Scandal lipstick brand. Each have had no problem standing out as their own brand on the competitive cosmetic industry. The purple-violet hue inspired by Deere is very popular among the 2.4 million Lime Crime followers. Her hair dye will introduce a 700 ml full jar with one permanent or two semi-permanent temporary tints. LC cosmetics enhance your mood wardrobe, or new hairdo. She makes her products readily available on her website with first-time customer promotional offers.


You can learn more about Doe Deere by visiting her Galore magazine article. Deere, soon discovered the keys to success was valuing her wearers time over their money. She appreciates the people who make her cosmetics a go-to product, or a must have. Her rich velvetine palettes serve as a unique color blend completely unmatched by her competitors. Deere, has always loved color, and clothes from the time she insisted on using her mother’s makeup, and wearing her clothes. The birth of Lime Crime was inspired by these times, says Deere. As her brand grows, Deere will continue to create hard to find, creative colors.