Healthy and Ethical Drinking with Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is a brand of volcanic water that was founded in the year 2012. The founder, Ryan Emmons was 22 years at the time. The company has seen a drastic growth in the few years which can be attributed to the health benefits of the water and the unique type of packaging.
Typically, bottled water is discouraged because of the waste plastic bottle which is hazardous to the environment. It takes the environment more than a thousand years to degrade the plastic container. However, Waiakea water has technology that is revolutionary. It is a non-degradable plastic.
The bottled has an additive known as Timeplast. TimePlast is a nano-additive that make the bottle have almost all the qualities of a plastic container but also weak enough to be degradable. According to the founder of the water company, their years of research were not focused on making the bottle degradable. Instead, it was focused on converting the polymer into a carbon-based wax.
The cost of making the degradable bottles is negligible. It, therefore, lowers the cost of production of the bottled water. The company is one of the leading water and beverages firms to be certified by CarbonNeutral. The bottle can also be recycled together with the typical PET bottles. Due to the additive, it makes the recycling process faster and more efficient.
The water is said to be rich in natural minerals. The volcanic water is good for the body especially the bones since it contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is also alkaline and electrolyte rich. These two are beneficial in the balance of the fluids in the body.

The bottling company was started in Hawaii but has expansive distribution networks in the United States. They also supply to many other countries who want healthy and ethical drinking. Waiakea is arguably the world’s greenest bottling company.
In conclusion, the company is also keen on giving back to the community. As such, the partner with Pump Aid to provide clean and safe drinking water for people in Africa. For every water bottle that they sell, they donate 650 Ml of water to the marginalized communities in Africa.

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  1. The fact still remains that the best quality of water is readily available with care only and it is actually spiritual. The means to have take a study into the quality of water can ensure that they are pure and fit for drinking but going deep into the molecular level you discover more about water. It is almost too amazing what can be found out from water only plus its spiritual aspect.

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