Impressionable Facts about Stream Energy

Stream Energy which recently changed its name to stream, launched its annual Women of Power Retreat, which focuses on empowering women and bringing a sense of belonging to them. The firm which has its headquarters in Dallas Tx was launched in 2005 and has since then been offering energy solutions as well as wireless based solutions to individuals across the homes of many people in the country. Through their launch, their firm has successfully been an inspiration to a significant number of women and has tried to encourage and appreciate all career women as well as those who strive to earn a living through entrepreneurship and other operations (

The theme of the year was shine, and some of the prestigious speakers involved in the program like Renee Hornbaker, a chief financial officer, who also co-founded the group, insisted that every woman can inspire others and it is only through commitment that they can achieve their goals (PUC.Texas.Gov). The speaker believes that women are the light of the community and through their contributions towards developing the society, they get to inspire people and bring them together for sharing of ideas. The line up entailed many prestigious individuals including author Nicole Lapin, Karen Leeland, who is an influential business leader, among many others.

Among the various services of Stream Energy include home services, protective services, and wireless connections, among many others. The firm has established its operations in the broader parts of the United States, and through its affiliates, it has successfully offered its services and products to many individuals. The firm carries its operations in regions like Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland, and much more across the United States. Besides establishing its operations across the broader parts of the United States, the firm has also turned out to be an international one through the significant activities it carries out in the more extensive parts of the globe. A substantial number of individuals have acquired a better chance to benefit from their high quality and reliable services over the past years. Steam Energy looks forward to establishing more of its affiliates in more countries in the coming years.

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