Jeremy Golstein’s solution to normal stocks

The pure nature of the stock market is that it changing all the time. For those of you have invested, you may know that it can go both ways, very successful or terribly wrong. Recently employers have stopped offering stock options for a number of reasons. Though they can be a smart investment, they can also become a costly burden, here’s why. They can drop considerably making them worthless for employees to exercise. If they do drop a lot then the cost from the accounting department eclipses the stocks themselves. Lastly stockholders are burdened with the risk of overhang if the stocks plummet.


Luckily Jeremy Goldstein has a better option for employers and it is called knockout options. They are like normal options but have other features that make them a wiser investment. The first one is that employers can cancel them if they are drop for a period of time. Also, the knockout feature kicks in canceling them when the stocks drop below a certain price. This creates less costly accounting problems and looks better for stockholders because they have to worry less about overhang and other problems.


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