Jeunesse Global Creates High-Demand Products

Direct marketing has long been an accepted and proven means of generating a substantial portion of all of the business that the health and beauty industry does. Names like Mary Kay and Avon have long been some of the biggest names in the business, earning billions of dollars in revenue each year in the United States alone.

So there is nothing particularly interesting or groundbreaking about a new company operating in the health and beauty sector that is following the same, proven sales model as dozens of other companies. It’s not interesting, that is, until one discovers who is running the business and what they are actually doing.

Jeunesse Global is one of the most recent entrants to the health and beauty direct marketing industry. Founded by health and beauty experts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company represents just the latest effort of the power couple, who have successfully founded a large number of startups throughout their careers.

The company offers distributors the ability to make substantial amounts of money. This is similar to all other direct marketing beauty supply companies, where the best sellers can easily become millionaires. But what sets Jeunesse Global apart from the others isn’t the size of the bonuses or the ways in which distributors can earn, although these things are impressive enough. Instead, Jeunesse distinguishes itself purely on the basis of the originality of and demand for the products it produces.

Lewis has long been intimately involved in the development of new products. She has close contacts with many of the top research and development scientists in the industry. This has meant that the company has been able to quickly devise some of the most innovative health and beauty products in the world in a very short period of time.

One example is the company’s energy drink. Known as Nevo, the all-natural power drink has proven to be one of the most popular items that the company sells. With 100-percent natural ingredients, the drink has been a hit in health-conscious East Asia, where people are particularly attuned to the quality of ingredients in products.