Joel Friant – Ambassador for Success

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur with an eagerness for private business ownership, and a bias towards creating products, creating and assisting with home based businesses, and providing success training. Joel’s primary passion is found in helping others succeed and exceed in their personal lives and in their professional lives as well.

Joel, later, showed an interest in real estate and remodeling homes. This interest was short lived and he soon ventured elsewhere. Afterwards, in 1995, he entered the restaurant industry and created “Fast Food Thai Concept” where he affectionately became known as the “Thai Guy”. Also, during this time, he discovered his passion for Habanero Chile Peppers. Soon after, he created, and began selling, his signature product- The Original Habanero Shaker. This product allows you to add dried habanero peppers to any food item the same as you would add salt and/or pepper. Momentarily, The Habanero Shaker was removed from the shelves while Joel pursued other avenues. By popular demand, however, it is now back on the market and doing tremendously well.

After recognizing the success of The Original Habanero Shaker in Washington State, Joel returned to Real Estate market where he decided to go into buying foreclosed houses, restructure/rebuild/rehabilitate them and resell them. This practice is commonly known as “flipping / house flipping” He, then, took his real estate knowledge and experience, coupled it with his desire to help others buy /own their own homes. This motivated him to learn the mortgage business rapidly to the point of becoming the top sales person in his office only later to establish a branch office of an already thriving new mortgage lending company.

Upon observing several economic hardships and downturns, Joel started to wonder why some people are successful in every area of their lives and others are not. He then constructed his own concepts( in this case, financial concepts) and called them “The Income Thermostat“. These concepts were influenced by earlier documents and writings of people like Maxwell Maltz, and Wallace Wattles both of which are known for and were passionate about self improvement. Joel has since written numerous articles for worldwide publications and has spoken on several online success webinars and seminars. Success and the pathway to it are Joel Friant’s middle name. Many Thanks Joel.