Louis Chenevert: A Leader that All Leaders Should Emulate

Louis Chenevert studied at the University of de Montreal, graduating with a Bachelors degree in production management. He is the current chairman of the Montreal Advisory Board. He was also the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), the position that he was assigned in April 2008. Before, he served as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the director of United Technologies as from March 2006. Mr. Louis had also served as production General Manager at General Motors for 14 years before joining UTC.

He is the chairman of Tax and Fiscal policy committee. He is also chairs the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board. Louis is a member of the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable, and also a member of the Us-India CEO Forum.

Louis as an Example

As the leader of the company, Louis achieved great success, approximating to $100 billion. Just to mention how that was impressive, many of other corporate CEO’s have not yet realized what Louis has achieved in a single year in their entire profession.

Louis at UTC

Chenevert‘s leadership in UTC focused on investment in advanced technology as well as people. Since he assumed the role of the leadership of UTC, Louis main target was to make the organization a better place than he found it. He held the view that the achievement of UTC is determined by the investment in the right people and technology.

One of the exemplary qualities of Louis, when he was the CEO of the UTC, was his wise choosing of projects that could bring success to the organization. It acted as the guiding principal and later was inherited by Gregory Hayes, the current CEO. Chenevert used to allocate a large amount of the revenue to the right technological innovations.

UTC leads in the helicopters manufacturing in the US. Additionally, it has been able to assemble some of the best-advanced helicopter engines around the globe, all spearheaded by Louis. The corporation controls the market in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating.

According to Forbes reports, as from 1993 when he started working with Pratt and Whitney engine business, he was in the frontline for advocating for improvements that have seen the market share of the primary company, UTC grow.

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