The Accomplishments of Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a renowned businessperson in Brazil who most notably has put together the biggest hospital group in the country. In the health sector, he has had substantial involvements aimed at improving the industry (YouTube). Jorge is the president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, which he uses as a tool to bridge the gap between patients and doctors by enhancing their interaction, increasing the quality as well as the safety of the medical tests that are given to the doctors and ensuring that patients receive adequate care at the hospitals. To enable the above operations to be possible, he integrates the latest technology into his work.


To address the issues on and related to health in Brazil, Jorge Moll has in recent days held an event addressed to the 32 hospital network that he oversees. The subject matter was Health Trends and Impact of Hospital Management. Jorge spoke about the history of the hospital network. He surprised many people when he mentioned that it started as a mere examination center. Moll also explained how Rio de Janerio used to be the best medical town in the country, but its role diminished as a result of the poor services that were being offered in the hospitals. When Jorge realized that this was the problem causing the deterioration, he started three institutions that became the root of this hospital network.


Throughout his adult life, Jorge Moll has been carried out research on a number of issues, the recent being the importance of voluntary work. He established that voluntary work brought about a feeling that was healthy for the body and the mind. This added to other known importance of voluntary work such as being of aid to the needy people. The use of magnetic resonance imaging revealed that the pleasure detected in the brain (the septal area and the subgenual cortex) from conducting voluntary work matched up that of people who were doing their hobbies. This pleasure contributes greatly to avoid some conditions such as heart problem and depression. Jorge has also conducted research on what contributes to the feeling of attachment.


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